Miracle sandiegg and waffle

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Intro “What’s your miracle waffle?” “Your miracle waffle is delicious.” How many times have you heard that sort of statement, or something like it, on TV advertising? How many times have you said that to someone? How long has it been that people have been saying that? Let me tell you a little story. I … Read more

Mean poutine vancouver downtown

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01 intro poutine is a dish of french fries, gravy and cheese curds, served with a side of beef gravy and topped with cheddar cheese curds. It is essentially the lovechild of two other dishes: poutine (a bowl of french fries, gravy and cheese curds) and frites (french fries, gravy, cheddar cheese curd). The origins … Read more

Dog eat corndog

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Intro The mozzarella korean corn dog was the product of a collaboration between our recipe development team and our marketing team. It’s a corny pork omelet with a spicy kick. And it’s delicious. Funny, right? Well, it is now being used as part of our marketing strategy and we think that you would enjoy it … Read more