Dog eat corndog


The mozzarella korean corn dog was the product of a collaboration between our recipe development team and our marketing team. It’s a corny pork omelet with a spicy kick. And it’s delicious.

Funny, right?

Well, it is now being used as part of our marketing strategy and we think that you would enjoy it as well. The mozzarella korean corn dog was developed to be paired with an Asian tequila called Agave Tequila Silver, which is made in Mexico, but has no connection to the tequila industry there.

In fact, Agave Tequila Silver was designed to be paired with the mozzarella korean corn dog because its agave-based taste is similar to that of mozzarella korean corn dog.

Dog eat corndog image 1

The mozzarella korean corn dog isn’t just tasty – it’s also pretty healthy for you! If you look at the nutrition label on this product (see “Nutrition Facts”) you will see that each serving contains a whopping 5 grams of protein – which is about half the daily recommended intake for men and women – and only about 60 calories for each serving – so there’s not too much room for error here!

Mozzarella korean corn dog

This is an image of a mozzarella korean corn dog that I had this morning.

In order to get these delicious little snack alllllll the way to you, they need a little mozzarella and some Korean corn. I always wanted to make a mozzarella korean corn dog, but as my mother would say, “Never in life will you be with mozzarella korean corn dog” so that was the end of my dreams.

I thought about making it into a pizza crust and then I thought about making it into a taco filling and then I thought about making it into a meatball sub and then I thought… what if?

Dog eat corndog image 2

So this is what we came up with. It’s not bad!

It’s not even close to something that can be called a mozzarella korean corn dog! It has the same amount of ingredients as the real thing but don’t worry: we didn’t make this for money, for food or for fun – so please enjoy it because we put some work into it!

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The two main points I want to make here are:

Dog eat corndog image 3

• An app is not a mozzarella korean corn dog.

• People do not like mozzarella korean corn dogs.

Let me start by saying that I don’t think this will turn out to be a popular post. It’s not that people won’t like it, but they will probably hate it and think it’s a bad idea. That said, I hope this is an interesting read for anyone who doesn’t know what mozzarella korean corn dogs are or why you shouldn’t sell them.

I should add that the title of the article is just another way of saying: “If you want anyone to buy your product, you need to sell them mozzarella korean corns and put out a lot of hot dogs on sale at the same time!” (if you don’t find this title humorous or clever, please ignore it). That’s from an email from someone with no previous experience in marketing or product management. So if you’re going to come with some perspective on this topic, I’m happy to hear it.

The point of this post is simple: MOZZARELLA KOREAN CORNS DON’T WORK AND GIVE YOU A STRONGER SALES POTENTIAL! As usual, I’ll take things one step further and prove it via an actual example. The case against MOZZARELLA KOREAN CORNS IS CLEARLY TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE in my opinion so lets see if we can show some proof!  Here’s what we did:  we looked at two products that were each top-grossing amongst their own categories and have been around forever; then we compared their sales growth over time (just as shown in the graph below)…and found that MOZZARELLA KOREAN CORNS DO NOT WORK; IN FACT THEY ARE A HUGE DANGEROUS MISTAKE!  (sound familiar?) The reason we’re talking about MOZZARELLA KOREAN CORNS is because they have been very successful in the past…but now they’re great for all kinds of reasons other than just making really cheap food…like by being good enough for our iPhone apps market – which has a wide range of potential customers – who are likely looking for something different than mozzarella-