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Where to locate the very best Bubble Tea around

In situation you can not choose which bubble tea locations to attempt because a lot of bubble tea areas has actually just recently opened up. We have actually put together a listing of our leading 5 areas to obtain Bubble Tea within Greater Vancouver.

In instance you can not determine which bubble tea areas to attempt considering that many bubble tea areas has actually lately opened up. We have actually assembled a checklist of our leading 5 locations to obtain Bubble Tea within Greater Vancouver.

Ben Gong’s Tea

5 Stars Review $5.45/ Person

Outstanding food top quality. Basic design. Personnel have great perspective. Great spin to standard bubble tea.

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Ben Gong’s Tea is a breath of fresh air in the Vancouver Bubble Tea scene. They utilize fresh milk that you can taste. The pearls are strong and also completely prepared. I especially appreciate their tea dices, which are surges of tea flavoured jelly.

Hanlin Tea House

5 Stars Review $6.59/ Person

Excellent flavour. Revitalizing tea. Bookstore-like ambience. sub-par, however appropriate solution. Long haul.

Hanlin Tea House was stated to be the very first to begin offering bubble tea in Taiwan. It was a large bargain when they opened their franchise business in Richmond. They do not have a great deal of range, yet the majority of things have extremely excellent quality. You can also obtain multi-tiered plates for high-tea choice in Hanlin Tea House.

Xing Fu Tang

4.5 Stars Review $6.80/ Person

Initial brownish sugar beverages. Even more like a treat than a beverage. Costly.

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Xing Fu Tang was the initial bubble tea location to begin offering brownish sugar pearls beverages in Vancouver. The beverages are a little bit on the abundant side, yet the mix of high fat material milk and also simplified brownish sugar makes them a leader of brownish sugar pearls treat in Vancouver.

Peanut’s Bubble Tea

5 Stars Review $3.25/ Drink

Revitalizing beverages. Rapid solution. Least expensive bubble tea you can obtain.

Easily situated within Richmond Public Market, Peanut’s Bubble Tea is not just the least expensive bubble tea on our finest bubble tea checklist, yet additionally one of the most economical yummy bubble tea you can obtain within Greater Vancouver. The pearls are a little bit on the soft side, yet still crunchy.

Comebuy Bubble Tea

4 Stars Review $6.20/ Drink

Excellent tea high quality you can taste. Little indoor area. Squashed ice make the beverages a lot more revitalizing.

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Comebuy Bubble Tea utilize tea fallen leave from various areas of Taiwan. This is a great location to attempt if you are tired of the common eco-friendly tea. A blender or food processor was utilized to squash the ice that make them really revitalizing. Their bubbles are crunchy, however not challenging. There is nearly an experience of crunchiness to their pearls.

Remarkable Bubble Tea Places