Xing Fu Tang, newest bubble tea franchise in late 2018

  • $ 5 – $15
  • 4 Star
  • 5 Star
  • Bubble Tea
  • Laid-back
  • Treat
  • Beverages
  • Taiwanese
  • Vancouver West

Xing Fu Tang, latest bubble tea franchise business in late 2018

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幸福堂) is the most up to date bubble tea franchise business going into the Vancouver treat market in late 2018. This franchise business originates from the beginning nation of bubble tea, Taiwan. They focus on brownish sugar pearl milk, as well as insurance claim to utilize the conventional technique to prepare the brownish sugar pearl. We understood we need to go as well as have a look at this location:

Xing Fu Tang, newest bubble tea franchise in late 2018 image 1

Xing Fu Tang has extremely rapid solution:

Xing Fu Tang is the hip location to go today. The line up was out the door when we arrived. When various other bubble tea locations takes 30 mins to get brownish sugar pearl milk, this location appears to do it at a much faster rate. We obtained our beverages in just 20 mins.

Score the beverage:

When the beverage was handed to me, I see the clear shade comparison in between milk and also brownish sugar developing marbling result on the clear mug. The mug has actually rounded base, which is really adorable. It looked extremely tasty also prior to I consume it. When I took the very first sip, I can taste the splendor of fresh milk well balanced flawlessly with the brownish sugar.

Xing Fu Tang, newest bubble tea franchise in late 2018 image 2

Ranking the pudding:

Brown sugar pearl milk is a preferred specialized beverage in Asia for some time. The structure of pudding is impacted by the temperature level of the beverage. Normally, the pudding would certainly be softer when it’s warm, harder when it’s chilly. So it is reasonable that bubble tea areas do not offer solution to change sugar as well as ice degree. It deserves discussing that after the first sweet taste, I might taste the light sweet taste of the brownish sugar that’s totally prepared right into pudding.

General Experience:

Xing Fu Tang give a positive alcohol consumption experience, and also I would certainly state their brownish sugar bubble milk is the most effective I have actually tasted contrasted to Yi Fang and also Coco. However, their asking rate is additionally the greatest at $6.80 for a tiny mug. The good idea with the tiny quantity is it truly assist us individuals that requires to go on a diet regimen, yet can not manage our craving for sweets.

Xing Fu Tang, newest bubble tea franchise in late 2018 image 3


Xing Fu Tang lies in 3432 Cambie St, Vancouver.

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