Hokkaido Raman Santouka

  • $ 15 – $25
  • 4 Star
  • 5 Star
  • Dinner
  • Japanese
  • Lunch
  • Noodle
  • Ramen
  • Vancouver West

Hokkaido Raman Santouka

Somewhat spicy, full-flavored mixture supplied with bamboo shoot, saffron, sesame, green onion as well as likewise chashu with the totally ready framework. Perfect for rainy day such as this.


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Numerous Other Ramen Place

Santouka is a busy ramen franchise company. Their eating facilities are usually packed with ramen premium. The West Broadway area is Santouka’s newest location, so it’s relatively famous. Despite precisely just how energetic this location is, their group provide prompt option as well as additionally rapid food/beverage delivery remedy. The mixture is bountiful along with full-flavored in addition to the noodles are perfectly prepared with a little crunchiness to the bite. The food choice is instead valued, so there’s regularly line up at the door.

It’s a damp day so I’ve picked to go to Hokkaido Raman Santouka for a recipe of cozy Ramen. I bought the Kara-miso ramen for an added kick of spiciness. The noodle came within 5 minutes as well as likewise I started my journey of luxury.

The Menu:

Santouka utilizes numerous marginal variation item such as ginger ramen, jalapeno ramen as well as likewise the Zangi deep deep-fried chicken ramen limited to their West Broadway area. Their food choice has lots of side dish to select from as well as additionally they provide different mixes for us to customize our meal.

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The price on food choice defaults to the device sized noodle. We can upgrade to a substantial ramen with included $1 or downgrade to little measurement with $1 a lot less.

The Service:

Santouka eating facility is big. The pathway in the facility is around 7 ′ -0 ″ with small seats on either sides. They in addition have a small noodle bar at the back coming across the kitchen location, which I can see was spotless.

The internet servers get on along with energised. They invite you as you walk in like a traditional Japanese eating facility. They all placed on black T-shirt with bandanna, which is a conventional in addition to extremely discreet approach to quit their hair from decreasing in the ramen.

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The Broth

I got the Kara-miso ramen. The mixture included perfect temperature degree, adequate to consume progressively along with poor to drop my tongue. The mixture is filled with flavour in addition to is complex split. There are smidgens of pork fat in the mixture along with I can see the oil on the top as a wonderful meal of ramen should certainly have. Kara-miso is spicy, so it furthermore includes spicy oil on the top. The zesty mixture was not additionally serious on the tongue, as well as additionally I such as the little of spicy kick behind my throat.

The Noodle:

The ramen noodle was totally prepared. The extremely initial bite has a little crunchy recuperate, as well as likewise the ramen noodle softens the a lot longer it was absorbed the soup. However, I can taste a little of dietary antacids. Some people might such as the choice, yet I’m not a massive fan. The noodle suits the mixture, however, there are a whole lot extra noodles than the mixture.


It should have going over that chasiu meat has equal elements of fat in addition to lean meat which supplies the soft framework a little chewiness. I like this area. Whatever is above criterion for the expense on the food option. The only gripe I have is that my cost took a bit longer to discover.

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